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MainA fraud in LiveU's style

A fraud in LiveU's style

How LiveU fools its customers

LiveU is one of several companies that provides portable devices for transferring high-quality video over cellular networks using multi-channel cellular or Wi-Fi connections simultaneously to create a single data stream for high-quality video transmission without interference and optimized for 1080 High Definition video.
LiveU currently loses markets in favor of competitors due to compulsory charging for "service", and also because of penalties that are taken from customers under different far-fetched excuses

At the initial stage, the essence of LiveU technology was the direct transfer of video to the client's computer, which was understandable and economically justified. However, later LiveU found that it is unreasonable just to sell hardware and they can make customers to pay for the so-called service as well.

And LiveU thought of sending all traffic through their cloud servers, and at the same time offering to pay customers a monthly fee for a particular package. For the minimum package they ask 600 USD, there is no maximum limit. In addition, if you do not use LiveU for a long time, you are asked for activation fee, about 1500 USD and 1500 USD for software installation as well. That is, you have to pay almost 4,000 USD for nothing so that your systems just start working. What will happen if you do not pay? That's right, they just will not activate or will disconnect your own systems from service! Good business, is not it?

In addition, you will not be able even to sell your own devices LiveU on the secondary market, because LiveU will force you to raise prices for them, and if you refuse, you will be refused connection and activation!

Of course, Liveu will say that this is a lie, but their letters with pressure on us to remove prices from our web sites are on our mail, and systems, honestly bought on the secondary market, which they refuse to activate, lie on our warehouse.

That's how a fraud in the style of LiveU looks like.

The list of customers who are dependent on LiveU is huge. How many of them have already switched to other vendors equipment, and how many are going to, we do not know, but we know for sure that many are already moving

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